Top 7 Health Benefits and Uses of Forskolin

Natural health practitioners have time and again recommended plant extracts to treat various diseases and health conditions. And one such plant compound is the Forskolin compound, a plant-based molecular extract found in a plant in the mint family by the name Coleus Forrskohlii. Countless companies and media outlets vouch for Forskolin as a natural weight loss supplement common among users seeking to shed of extra pounds.

Although there is no scientific evidence to support claims that Forskolin burns excess fats and causes significant weight loss, it is believed that the compound can prevent weight gain without causing a change in diet.

Forskolin for weight loss is popular as it is known to be a powerful natural suppressant for appetite, making it easy for users to exercise control over what they eat and the quantities they eat. In addition to appetite suppression, the compound is also famed for its fat burning activities where it melts body fat from the inside. Through increased activities of a compound called cAMP, Forskolin helps in increasing body metabolism causing food to be processed at a much higher rate. As a result, digested food is not stored as fat and instead burns off as energy. It is therefore a miracle drug for managing weight in obese people.

And apart from weight loss Forskolin has other uses.

Health Benefits of Forskolin

Part of Cancer Treatment

Cancer cells tend to multiply throughout the body if not diagnosed early and checked with proper treatment. Pure Forskolin extract was discovered to be efficient in causing apoptosis, popularly known as cell death in cancer cells called multiple myeloma. In patients with rectal cancer, Forskolin in known to slow or stop tumor growth.

Reducing High Blood Pressure

Forskolin is used in the treatment of heart conditions like hypertension. In addition to Forskolin, hypertensive patients should check their diets and avoid foods that cause high blood pressure.

Helps Manage Asthma Attacks

Pure Forksolin extract is popular among asthma patients as it is known to soothe the inflamed and swollen airways. It helps the patient breathe better as sufficient air reaches the airway. However, it is advisable for asthma patients to pay attention to their diets as well as their surroundings to avoid triggers and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

Preliminary research and studies suggest that Forskolin extract can be used in diabetic and pre-diabetic patients to maintain normal levels of blood sugar in the body.

As Treatment for Alzheimer’s

Due to its ability to reduce inflammation and the presence of plaque in significant areas of the brain, preliminary research suggests that Forskolin is an efficient component in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. 

Treatment of Glaucoma Symptoms

With direct injection into the eye, pure natural Forskolin extract is believed to effectively and naturally eliminate symptoms of glaucoma. Combined with another supplement called rutin, Forskolin can significantly controlintraocular pressure within the eye reducing the irreversible blindness in patients.

Although Forskolin in weight loss is known to have awesome health benefits, it is advisable to determine whether the compound is best suited for treatment of your body as it may have some side effects on some people.


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